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. >> reporter: the leaders said the convention was valuable, but as always the big challenge will be turning talk into action. i'm kyung lahton at lam best palace in london. >> kim will have a special report from the holy land next week. >>> in alabama, faith-based groups are among those challenging a new immigration law scheduled to take effect in september. the new state law requires police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop for another violation. it will be a crime to knowiny transport or house an illegal immigra immigrant. some churches are helping to educate the community about the new legislation those who fear they could be deported are for the care of their children in case they are forced to leave the country. and if i could go to washington, i would say let my people stay. this is the land of flowing with milk and honey, they came from misery and slavery to a place where they could earn a living for their family and they ve hope for their children, and to send them back is not right. >> other states are also adopting tough immigration laws, but in usually conservat
for a solution that would require both big cuts in spending and more revenue. >> so the bottom line is this -- any agreement to reduce our deficit is going to require tough decisions and balanced solutions. the president urged congress to reach a deal now. >> if the united states government, for the first time, cannot pay its bills, if it defaults, then the consequences for the u.s. economy will be significant and unpredictable. and that is not a good thing. >> we have a special report coming up later on the moral arguments in washington's intense debate over debt, spending and taxes. >>> in new york, there were celebrations after that state legalized gay marriage. some religious groups, however, continued to voice their objection to the law. new york's catholic bishops said the law will undermine marriage and family. in a separate statement, the bishop of brooklyn warned catholic schools against bestowing any distinctions and honors on the governor or on legislators who voted for the law. >>> in other news, palestinian leaders formally announced their decision to seek united nation
in political debate. jim, welcome. >> thanks, bob. >> there are two big questions that people are arguing about in this town. one is the debt ceiling, and the other is long-term. and it does seem that something has to be done now, but long-term, how do we bring the country's spending and taxes in line? you have been working very hard lobbying to protect government programs that help the poor. how are you doing? >> well, i think i'm happy with what we have seen so far. we started with a provocative question, what would jesus cut? that got attention to the question. then we fasted for almost a month in lent that brought more attention to it. then we formed a circle of protection and the roman catholic bishops, the salvation army, the national association of evangelicals and many people and not just the religious left here, but almost everyone here saying that you can't balance the budget on the backs of the poorest people. i think that voice is now being heard. we have talked with republicans, democrats and the white house right along on this. >> you are trying, i think to get a meeting with a lo
of that thing, do you?" no, he came along and said, "trust me. something big is going down. here, here's a taste." ah. people thought it was amazing. >> he says he's not bothed by those who accuse him of inciting a dangers conversation. >> it seems to me like the church would be the place that would lead the way in having dangerous conversations. i mean, isn't that what faith is? >> and the conversation isn't ending anytime soon. several more books abt heaven and hell are being released over the next few weeks. ♪ i can only imagine i'm kim lawton in grand rapids. >>now, the changing america famil at least calornia. once, the most common kind of family used to be a married man and woman, and their children -- the so-called "nuclear" family. but "the los angeles times" analyzed census bureau figures and found that in california the traditional family now makes up only 23.4% of all households. the others are part of a fast-growing variety of single-parent families, married couples with no children, unmarried couples with children, same-sex couples with owithout children and so on. many organizat
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)